image1Welcome!  I’m Terry Whitmell, and I am a retired secondary school Principal in the Peel District School Board.  I also recently defended my Ph.D. dissertation at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE).  And you can add wife, mother, and grandma to the list.

Like all well-intentioned initiatives this blog has been an uneven journey.

It has, however, been that nagging item on the “to do” list, that has lead me to increased reflection.  Even when I haven’t made it to the computer to compose a post, I’ve thought about it!

I think I’ve come to terms with some of my concerns:

  • What will my former staff and students and their parents think?
  • Are my ideas of interest to my colleagues?
  • Is this just a narcissistic exercise, or as my father would have said, “navel gazing”?

Whatever the conclusion, I’ve invested in the account, set up the page, and at my age I think I’m old enough to take the risk.

So, please add comments to my posts, and share your ideas to add to my “think list”.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Terry my name is Ray Caruana and I am in the finance industry. I do some public speaking on managing debt with students. I have spoken at McMaster, U of T and in 2012 I spoke in front of 17 universities in Canada to talk about the impacts of large debt loads on our young students. my presentation called “MOM” ~ mind on money (catchy?). To make a long story short I reached out to my sons school (St. Martins). they loved the content and the idea of talking to 11’s and 12’s about being financially discipline. if there is an appetite for this feel free to reach out to me and possibly we cant talk further about it.

    ….did I mention I am graduate of Cawthra Park Secondary…

    my number is 416-451-5937 feel free to contact me any time.


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