image1Welcome!  I’m Terry Whitmell, and I am a secondary school Principal in the Peel District School Board.  I am also an Ed.D. candidate at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE).  And you can add wife, mother, and grandma to the list.

Like all well-intentioned initiatives this blog has been an uneven journey.

It has, however, been that nagging item on the “to do” list, that has lead me to increased reflection.  Even when I haven’t made it to the computer to compose a post, I’ve thought about it!

I think I’ve come to terms with some of my concerns:

  • What will my staff, my students, and their parents think?
  • Are my ideas of interest to my colleagues?
  • Is this just a narcissistic exercise, or as my father would have said, “navel gazing”?

Whatever the conclusion, I’ve invested in the account, set up the page, and at my age I think I’m old enough to take the risk.

So, please add comments to my posts, and share your ideas to add to my “think list”.


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