Use of Twitter as a Presentation Tool

Last evening I had the pleasure of listening to Alec Couros (@courosa) at the Leadership Launch for Peel District School Board’s Mississauga Field Office.  His engaging presentation included video and audio clips, layered with comments from the audience via the hashtag #peelprez.

As I was listening, and reading the Twitter feed, interspersed were Tweets from Alec himself.  But he was talking, and clicking through his presentation!  How was he Tweeting?

I figured out that he had prepared tweets to correspond to many of his key slides, and had set them up to be sent as he reached each new topic.  It was wonderful to just listen, and not have to take notes.  And if I wanted to see more, I could just click on the link in the Tweet, and read more.

As teachers, we don’t often plan well enough to set up this complex a presentation.  However, if I’m presenting for my colleagues at a meeting, or contributing to a conference, I’m certain this will be a new “trick” in my “bag of tricks”.

4 thoughts on “Use of Twitter as a Presentation Tool

  1. Great post Terry. I was having a hard time Tweeting at #peelprez 1) because I really wanted to listen and watch the presentation 2) because I was having a hard time with the wifi on my iPad, and 3) I probably need glasses (or my phone’s keypad is getting smaller). As an audience member who was having a hard time Tweeting, I was really in awe of the auto-Tweets and how enriching they were to the whole presentation. I hope you follow up with some insights to your learning when you do this in your presentation.

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