School Online – Journal – Day 2

Today’s Professional Learning began with my joining the staff of one of our “bricks and mortar” schools, working through a PowerPoint presentation in Zoom. With 100 staff in the room, and only about 20 with cameras on, it was an effective and somewhat relaxing way to begin the day. I thought a lot about how they might be feeling, connecting with their colleagues, but sitting at home.

They then headed out to do a training module that was not required of administrators, so I jumped into tomorrow’s package, and worked my way through a full-day’s-worth of PD over the next five hours. It was nicely put together, with several videos followed by reflections.

In between sections of the agenda I was checking my email (I now have six accounts I have to monitor between my grad program, school, pre-service teacher courses, and personal account) and getting set up for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will be completing my PhD Final Oral Exam, via Zoom. I am at the end of five years of study, and very excited to have reached this milestone.

I’ll let you know how it turned out in tomorrow’s post…..

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